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At Watchmen Security, we know that you want to be the guardian for your employees and your business.

In order to do that you need to create a safe environment.

The problem is, your business is a target for intruders, which puts you and your most valuable assets at risk.

We believe your employees deserve to feel safe.

We understand how violating it is to get robbed which is why we successfully protect thousands of people in the Kansas City area.

Here’s how we do it.

  1. Discover your needs
  2. Design your system
  3. Deploy your system

So schedule a free consult today and stop worrying. Instead, be the guardian of your business your employees can count on.

You want the world at your door, just not after hours.

That’s Why People Use Our Commercial Security Services In Kansas City

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Burglaries are common in the U.S. FBI statistics say that property theft happens every 25.7 seconds.

These robberies target anyone — and commercial buildings are no exception. A report by Insureon found that 22% of small businesses suffered burglaries in 2018. If you want to protect your people and your property, you’ll need a reliable business security solution that protects your organization 24/7.

Watchmen Security provides the best security services and commercial surveillance in Kansas City. When you decide it is time to install our business security systems, we will help you discover which solutions will work best for your needs, design the system based on your specifications, work within your budget , and complete the project on time. Watchmen Security will deploy the system so your team is trained on the tech so that you can focus on your growth.

You can never be too safe but 24/7 safety is promised with our commercial security and alarm systems looking out for you. By using the latest technology and the smartest devices, security is a guarantee.

Keeping a watch over your visitors, employees and detecting unwanted intruders is now easy with our advanced video surveillance with cloud hosting. Remote access and locking equipment enable you to lock doors and windows even when you are away. Our business security systems in Kansas City arm your property with alarms that can be raised at the time of any intrusion and even notify you and law enforcement when you are not on the premises.

How We Provide Business Security Monitoring Services in Kansas City?

We are the top providers of commercial security systems in Kansas City that business owners trust. Securing your business is an important investment that ensures your commercial building or office against any threat in the future. Using the business security system we install, you can keep an eye on anyone leaving or entering at any time without having to be on-site. Video surveillance offers your commercial property 24/7 monitoring so you and your employees can have peace of mind morning, noon and night.

Our systems are also tied to the cloud so that you can view surveillance footage any time, anywhere. Emergency panic buttons can also be included in our commercial alarm systems in Kansas City to ensure that help reaches you fast.

At the touch of a button, you can lock and unlock doors remotely from your mobile device and turn off lights and other appliances as well. Biometric door scanners, remote garage locks help you to shut down the doors if you ever forget to lock up. Our system also incorporates fire alarms and smoke detectors to help you.

Our in-house designers and technicians ensure that you have professionals serving you at all times. Use our commercial security and security camera systems to protect your business enterprise against all kinds of threats.

Meeting with an expert


  • Meet with our experts
  • Analyze your needs
  • Discover solutions and see how it all works
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  • Together we design your perfect system
  • Review details and your expectations
  • You approve the solution of your choice
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  • Equipment is ordered.
  • Wiring, site prep, and installation is scheduled.
  • Experts install, activate, and test your systems.
  • We train your team and go live!
Security Camera


Our business security system comes with commercial video surveillance solutions to deter intruders.

Key Features:

  • Video monitoring to check for incidents
  • Live feed that lets you view your establishment anytime, anywhere
  • Analytics embedded into the cameras to detect suspicious behaviors from individuals
Stop Hand


As a full-service business security system provider, we offer top-of-the-line commercial intrusion detection services. These include door contacts, motion sensors, and other features to help protect your property.

With our business intrusion detection solutions, your establishment can:

  • Deter unauthorized individuals
  • Safeguard your valuable investments
  • Lessen your worries over theft and property damage
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Access Control

Our business security solutions come with access control systems, which allow you to:

  • Add credentials (grant entry access to people)
  • Track employees
  • Receive arming reminders and notifications

Benefits of Having a Commercial Security System

Not quite ready to make the call yet? Here are a few reasons to install a surveillance and security system for your business establishment:

  1. Deters Crime – The presence of a business surveillance system can dissuade criminals from targeting your establishment. Surveillance solutions help minimize crimes happening inside the company. The security cameras will discourage employees from stealing business assets.
  2. Reinforces Restricted Areas – Surveillance, alarm, and access control systems deter unauthorized individuals from entering restricted areas of your company.
  3. Alerts Authorities Quickly – A state-of-the-art commercial alarm system quickly alerts the police of a potential crime in progress. The fast response times help safeguard company employees and assets during a robbery.
  1. Improves Performance – Business surveillance systems allow you to check what your employees are doing while you’re away from the office. You may also use the footage generated by the system to deliver feedback that will help improve productivity or job performance.
  2. Reduces Insurance Costs – Many insurers provide discounts for companies that use a business security system. Lower risk usually translates to lower premiums, which is beneficial for your bottom line.

Our high standard of professionalism and expertise helped us become one of the most trusted security companies in the Kansas City Area. Let our security systems protect your business assets and employees from burglars, intruders, and other dangerous threats. Get a free quote and we can start discussing your needs and designing your system. To learn more about business security system installation in Kansas City today by sending an email to sales@watchmenkc.com or calling (816) 744-8900.

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